Central Pasco Vet Care

We would like to take a minute to share our love and gratitude towards Dr. Jo Ann Daniels at Central Pasco Vet Care!

We recently had a scare with one of our family dogs. Patches, who was our shining Gem of the Month back in August of this year, woke up one morning last week not feeling very well. Typically she is waking us up and ready to take on the world full force, but on that morning we literally had to drag her out of bed.

So, we took her to down the street to Central Pasco Vet Care to get her checked out. Dr. Daniels was extremely helpful and immediately began taking care of Patches. To make a long story short Patches was not doing well at all, turns out she had some type of toxicity in her system (most likely from a spider bite or something of that sort).

Dr. Daniels literally worked tirelessly day in and day out with Patches, and without her (and her undying love and passion for saving animals) we are not sure what would have happened. But in the end, after about a week of riding the rollercoaster of emotions, Patches was back to her normal self full of vibrance and life!!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Daniels, we don’t know what we would do without you! And of course, Patches says she loves you!