I am totally impressed with your business and grateful that you folks do what you do. In planning our trip to Florida this year I was very anxious knowing that we would have to kennel the dogs. Fortunately we stopped by a vet's office who recommended you. One look at your place and my mind was at ease--I knew the dogs would be safe, and frankly, that was enough.

 But what a surprise and delight to discover all the extra touches you provide--especially the pictures! Captain playing frisbee!!! Sundance in her usual pose on "her" bed! And the gift bag! That was so sweet and the dogs love their toys (though we have to monitor Sundance with hers so she doesn't destroy it).

 I still hope to get the dogs back to you for daycare before we go back to Michigan but if I don't manage it, be assured, we will return next year. I have also posted your business card in the clubhouse where we are staying (as lots of folks here have dogs) and I have literally bragged about your business to everybody I know in Florida.

Thank you again for all you have done.

Brenda and Bill, Captain and Sundance